This is one of the most thorough and accessible examinations of Uganda’s post-independence violence and bloodshed. Professor Kasozi presents a compelling argument that the central problem has been social inequality, economic disparities, a culture of poor to absent conflict resolution and sectarian cleavages.  He offers remedial suggestions. First published in 1994, this book remains fresh and relevant today. Uganda is a country of widening social and economic inequalities, with very limited space for political dissent. This is not just an excellent documentation of history. It is a living warning to contemporary political players, some of whom were involved in the liberation struggles that Kasozi describes very well.

Kasozi includes long lists of some of the people who were killed in Uganda’s conflicts. The lists serve as reminders that Uganda’s violent history has affected real people, with real families and real communities whose pain endures. An essential book for anyone who seeks to understand the unresolved Uganda crisis.




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