I first read this book in 1977 during my early days of exile. I was introduced to this classic book by Dr. John B. Masembe, my dear friend who was working at Nairobi Hospital. He had an exquisite taste for great literature and we spent many evenings chatting about Holden Caulfield, the central character in JD Salinger’s masterpiece. Even at that time, never having set foot in America, I was able to get engrossed in the story of this young lad who leaves his prep school and goes underground in New York City.

Re-reading it years after arriving in North America and exploring New York City was a thrilling experience. It is one of those novels that I enjoy carrying with me on a long intercontinental flight, confident that I will enjoy reading it and smile at favourite passages. Just for you, John Bafirawala Masembe!



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