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Joy Odera

Joy Odera is a Kenyan, but she was born and bred in Uganda.  Her early formal education started at Namagunga Boarding Primary School, followed by secondary education at Mount Saint Mary’s College, Namagunga.

After studying Economics at the University of Sussex (BA), and Human Resource Management at Westminster University (MA) in England, she followed a career in banking and HR consulting. But Joy’s interest in writing beckoned…. her book ‘The A to Z of Africa’ – a children’s educational guide, was published independently by Minerva Press in 1997.

Her second book, ‘Over 100 Titbits on Africa’, was published by New Generation Publishing in 2010. New Generation Publishing published her first literary book, Under the Jacaranda, in 2013.

As a contributor to Lady, a Kenyan Women’s magazine, some of Joy’s short stories, were published in 1997. Currently, she is a contributor to THE EDITION, a contemporary career culture magazine in Kenya. She is compiling African short stories for children, and working on her second book.

Joy is a seasoned traveller, and has lived in many countries around the world with her husband and two daughters. She now lives in Nairobi, Kenya.


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