My dear president

Who art in Entebbe

Hear this young man

In next door Kenya

Accept the verdict of Court

Finding against him.


Hear him say

Beautiful words of peace

To his supporters

And to all his people.


Yes, brother Yoweri

It is really possible

To honour your people

To speak without threats

To find humility

Even at this late hour.


Yes, it’s possible

To create and honour

Institutions of governance

That tame dictatorship.


The gun kills people

But it never kills history

It keeps you in power

And keeps you imprisoned.


Have guns saved a ruler

From his tryst with destiny?

We dare not name them

Who have come and gone

Lest we discover the truth

Of the vanity of it all.


I’ll not give up on you

For we have seen changed hearts

Of the most difficult of men

With an eye on posterity.


Slim chance, yes I know

But still listen to Uhuru

Who loves power and all

And loves to play hard ball

But puts Kenya first.


No doubt he hates the verdict

He thinks the Court was bought

By foreigners and fools to boot

But he accepts the laws of Kenya.


Listen,  brother Yoweri

Listen, my dear friend

I am praying for you.





8 Responses to “Message to Yoweri Museveni”

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    Lillian Kimumwe

    May God bless Uhuru Kenyatta with a landslide win this time round. Amen.

  2. Avatar

    If I may add my two pence in, none are so blind as those who will not see. But he who does not see, and yet has eyes, has a criminality about his blindness which is not found in those who have no sight. Over to you, Mr President.

  3. Avatar
    George Bhima

    Ever the polymath. If the post of “Poet Laureate of Uganda” was created, I rather think you are in with a big shout. We hope you keep honing the skill.

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    Patrick G. Olwata

    Munini K. Mulera This is a very insightful piece to the right receiver who is unjust and a cohort of political blood sacking monster. Uhuru has seen it all now and demolished by the laws of Kenya, though out of his expectations with no chance to survive second attempt.
    Museveni is a tourist who found hospitality in the hands of deaf and blind Ugandans, not until they open to face him he won’t still feel the test of Gadaffi’s exit.
    Patrick G. Olwata -Kampala-Uganda.

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    Muniini K Mulera, I wish I had the skills to articulate these appropriate words of your post into a rap song. Better still I wish they be translated and delivered in form of “kwevuga” (original traditional wrap poetry).

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    Keith Mugadya

    I always read your articles and blogs, and you consistently hit the nail on the head. unfortunately our motherland is ruled by a man who has lost his way.
    Right now, intimidation is the order of the day in Uganda, using messages on Whatsapp, threatening action against anyone holding views that oppose the ruling party. I always ignore these, waiting for the official announcement in the news media, banning free speech. I also know that day may not be far off.
    Please keep up the good work. Your words and insight give us hope that our plight can be heard across the globe. They also remind us that we can do far better, given the chance to throw off this yoke.


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