Dear friends,

Kisiizi Hospital, one of the best managed community general hospitals in rural East Africa, has been devastated by floods. I am reaching out to you as a man born and raised less than 20 kilometers from that hospital, in Kigezi region of Uganda, and on behalf of the Board of the International Community of Banyakigezi (ICOB).

I have lived in Canada for 36 years and I practice medicine as a children’s doctor in Newmarket, Ontario. Other members of the Board of Directors of ICOB live and work in Canada, the United Kingdom, the USA and Uganda. However, our hearts remain firmly grounded in our place of birth and upbringing. We share our people’s joy, their pain and challenges.

As a child, I admired my village and all areas surrounding it.  It was always green and lush, inviting all eyes of children to play and run in the hills and swampy valleys. One of the most beautiful places was Kisiizi valley, home of the great hospital where our parents took us for our health care needs. The work of the pioneer doctors and nurses at Kisiizi must have made a great impression on my young mind.

On September 10, 2017, a tragedy befell my lovely village and the surrounding region. Floods washed away hills, houses and small bridges. Kisiizi Hospital was flooded for days, with devastating effects. Three patients – two newborn babies and an 8-year-old child – died because of disrupted oxygen supply and warmth.

The hospital’s critical infrastructure, including its power generation/distribution system and the water supply system, was severely damaged. A lot of patient care equipment and other materials were irreparably damaged. The cost of restoring the hospital to its pre-flood functioning and service delivery will exceed $500,000 (five hundred thousand dollars.) We need your help as Kisiizi Hospital tries to leap back to regular operations. We cannot do it without you.

With $20, you can fund a pair of bedsheets for inpatients.

With $40, you can fund a hospital grade mattress.

With $100, you can fund a small emergency oxygen cylinder.

With $1,000, you can fund the construction of robust support for High Voltage power cable that is a critical piece in the hospital’s power supply.

With $4,000, you can fund a petrol generator to power the Maternal-Child and Adult Medical Wards.

With $40,000, you can fund a 60KW solar power generator to provide electricity to all the patient care  buildings.

Every dollar you donate will go directly to Kisiizi Hospital, and you will receive full accounting by Dr. Ian Spillman, the Medical Superintendent of the hospital.

Please click this link and help our people at Kisiizi Hospital.

President, International Community of Banyakigezi

Dr. Muniini K. Mulera

ICOB Board Members:

Dr. Peter M. Bikangaga – Toronto, Ontario
Ms. Beatrice Hamujuni-Smith – London, UK
Dr. James Mugisha – Vancouver,  BC
Ms. Peninah Ngategize – Kampala, Uganda
Mr. Leo Nkurunziza – Washington, DC

ICOB Executive Members:

Vice President: Ms. Judie Nkusi – Phoenix, Arizona
Secretary: Ms. Carol Kemigisha – Yellowknife, NWT
Treasurer: Ms. Dorothy Angole – Washington, DC

For information about Kisiizi Hospital, please click



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