Hope Chigudu

Hope Chigudu is feminist activist and a gender, organisational and development practitioner. In her earlier days in the women’s movement, she co-founded the Zimbabwe Women’s Resource Centre and Network. She later used her skills in governance and management to serve as Chair of the Board of Urgent Action Fund-Africa and prior to this as chair of the Global Fund for Women, a period in which grants to Africa increased due to her creativity and quest that African women should tell their own story.

Hope is an internationally renowned Consultant with profound experience in ‘healing’ organisations, governance and creative Monitoring and Evaluation. She has consulted with numerous women’s organisations in Africa and Asia as well as Development partners and agencies. This has given her tremendous insights into the operations of organisations and gives her an edge in analysis.

Hope’s desire to promote women’s rights has seen her serving as an advisor with several decision-making bodies and funding agencies such as African Women’s Development Fund, Red Umbrella, and Isis WICCE.

Living true to her feminist principles to contribute to knowledge, Hope has authored and edited books on governance, civil society, gender, African sexualities and development. One example of her work is the book titled Lessons in Empowerment Based on the Experiences of African NGO’s.

Amidst her busy schedule, Hope is currently on a journey to integrating personal and individual wellbeing or wellness and spirituality into movement building. She has co-authored a ‘Guide’ on ‘Strategies for Developing Organisations with a soul’. Hope has worked extensively on a variety of issues pertaining to HIV and AIDS. She is committed to a community-centered and participatory human rights approach that is locally anchored, but universal and global in its vision.

Born in Karukaata, Nyarushanje, Kigezi in South West Uganda, Hope received primary school education at rural schools at Karukaata, Kantare and Bukinda. She attended Hornby High School, Kabale for junior secondary education before proceeding to Tororo Girls School for high school.

Hope graduated from Makerere University, Kampala in 1977 with an honours degree in Social Work and Social Administration. She holds a Masters degree in development studies.

Her work has involved travelling around the world and working in many countries. She has visited 45 countries so far.

Hope, a thinker who constantly challenges us to think outside the box, sits the boards of South Africa Oxfam and Global Fund for Community Foundations.

True to her generous spirit, Hope has been one of the forces behind the establishment of Mahali Salama Uganda (Safe Place Uganda), a Canada-Uganda partnership in support of maternal-child health in Mparo, Kigezi, Uganda.

She lives with her husband in Harare, Zimbabwe. They have one son.



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