It was a great honour to share time with Mr. Enoch Lugimbirwa in Mburara, Nkore in January this year. A very dear brother in Christ, MR. Lugimbirwa is a refined gentleman whose warm smile and laughter reflect his great love for humanity.

Mr. Lugimbirwa, who has lived and served in Mburara, Nkore for over 70 years, is one of the pillars of the Anglican Church in Uganda, a moral reference in the community and a reliable friend of my wife’s family.  Born to Baganda parents in Buganda, Mr. Lugimbirwa is a Munyankore.

At the age of 97, Mr. Lugimbirwa maintains a swift walk, a sharp intellect, a beautiful singing voice and a busy schedule serving the Lord. He is one of the last remaining original converts to Christ during the East African Revival Movement of the 1930s.


2 Responses to “Enoch Lugimbirwa: saved to serve.”

  1. Samuel kakonge

    Born to a baganda family cannot be munyankore he is my uncle

    • Muniini K. Mulera

      Dear Sam,

      I know that he is your uncle. There is a message that goes beyond ethnicity.

      Warm regards.



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