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East Africa Tourist Visa  is a multiple entry visa that allows entry into and travel between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda for tourist purposes only.  The holder of the East Africa Tourist Visa must enter through the country that issued the visa.  The person is free to enter and leave the other two countries without having to apply for another visa or to pay any other visa-related fee. Please note that Burundi, South Sudan and Tanzania do not honor this visa at the moment.

Current fee: C$110 or US$100 per person


    • A genuine and acceptable travel document valid for not less than 6 months at the time of entry and with at least two (2) blank pages.
    • An application form (downloaded from the high commission or embassy website.)
    • Visa application cover letter.
    • One, clear colored passport size photograph with white background taken within the last six (6) months. Must be taken without eyeglasses, scarf , hat, cap or any other head covering.
    • Flight itinerary.
    • A pre-paid, self-addressed return Xpresspost courier Canada Post envelope with a tracking number. Other courier services must have a computer-generated label.

. Valid for: 90 days

Eligibility: Any non-East African who wishes to enter and exit at least two of the three countries (Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda) during a visit to East Africa is eligible to apply.

Where to apply:

Kenya: Apply in person or by mail  to a Kenyan diplomatic office such as the Kenya High Commission, Ottawa, Canada.  Application forms can be downloaded from the embassy website.  Kenya does not offer electronic online application for this visa.

Uganda: Apply in person or by mail  to a Ugandan diplomatic office such as the Uganda High Commission, Ottawa, Canada or upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport.  Application forms can be downloaded from the embassy website.  Uganda does not offer electronic online application.

Rwanda: Apply online through a Rwanda embassy website such as that of the Rwanda High Commission, Ottawa, Canada.   Rwanda offers electronic online application which is available here.

All three countries require a minimum of 7 business days for processing of your application.  However, we recommend applying at least 21 business days before your travel date.


Work is not permitted Visa Extension is not permitted.
Foreign Residents living in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda do not need to apply for a visa.  They only require a valid resident permit to enter and exit Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.
Citizens of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda only require a National ID or Student ID to enter and exit any of those three countries.

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