Fire engulfs Trinity Bus from Rwanda to Kampala

Muniini K. Mulera Toronto –  2300 hours (11 pm) Monday February 10, 2020 I have just been informed moments ago by an eyewitness that a TRINITY bus from Rwanda to Kampala has caught fire somewhere between Masaka and Mpigi. The person sent me this video below. Said that the fire extinguisher did not work. Praise […]

Counting in Rukiga-Runyankore (Embara omu Rukiga-Runyankore)

Our ancestors had a counting system whose terminology was similar to or shared roots with that of Bantu language nations all over Africa. It appears that there were words for quantities/amounts up to, at most, ten thousand. It is very unlikely that there was an item that needed enumeration in numbers exceeding ten thousand. According […]

Finland in our hearts today!

Our thoughts and prayers For the people of Turku and all of Finland At this time of terror in your midst. At moments like this, We sing your great song with you. Finlandia! Penned for you by Jean Sibelius, And embraced by all of us, A song of freedom That we sing for Africa and […]

In Solidarity With the People of Spain

Terror against anyone is terror against me. From this Ugandan citizen of the World, To the people of Barcelona and all of Spain, Solidarity! Let love triumph over hate, And hope over fear.        

I need your financial help this Christmas

Christmas is here again. The tills and money boxes of the merchants ring with joy, not in remembrance of the saviour’s birth but in celebration of the saver’s spending spree. This Christmas, the average American will spend US$929 (Sh. 3.3 million) on Christmas gifts. The figure for Canada is about US$600 (Sh. 2.2 million); Norway, […]

Encounters with Classical Music

  Like many people, I first came in contact with classical European music in my early childhood when I started attending church in Uganda. The great choral hymns were my introduction to what I would discover, decades later, to be music that was written down by men like Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Frederic Handel and […]

Jazz and Me

  Jazz and Me I did not appreciate Jazz music until 1978 when I met George Cook, a wonderful African American from Ohio who was the head of the Opportunities Industrialization Centre (OIC) in Maseru, Lesotho. George, a retired US army officer who had been among the last people out of Saigon, infected me with […]

Free press crucial for democratization

  The great story of the American presidential election is not the vigorous and level ground competition that is on display. That is a tradition that dates back to 1796 when America held its first contested presidential election. It is not that the various security services of the United States remain non-partisan. Institutional governance and […]

ICOB@13: Teen Challenge

Speech at the Annual Convention of Banyakigezi London, UK Saturday July 23, 2016 It is always a great pleasure to stand before a gathering of the International Community of Banyakigezi and friends of Kigezi. My special joy comes from the realization that what we started in Toronto 13 years ago has survived, and has brought […]