Birthday toast to Robert Gabriel Mugabe at 93

Happy birthday Mr. President! Your birth on February 21, 1924 in Kutama, Rhodesia was a blessed event for your people.   We thank you for serving your country, both in the struggle for freedom and as the prime minister, then president of independent Zimbabwe. As a young lad, I was a great admirer of yours […]

Trump bursting myth of “white” supremacy

  God has a great sense of humor. In 2001, He gives America George W. Bush as its 43rd president. After eight years of the Texan’s failed leadership, God turns the country over to Barack Hussein Obama, a bright African American son of a Kenyan man.   Obama leads America out of a very deep recession, ends […]

Trump thriller is about to begin

 I got it completely wrong. It is no consolation that I was not alone in believing that America would not choose one of its least qualified citizens to become their president. Clearly my view was clouded by a belief that the vast majority of Americans would reject a candidate whose signature tune was torrential lying, […]

Trump’s gift to Africa’s dictators

Donald J. Trump will not accept the results of next month’s US presidential elections unless he wins. His words, not mine.  With increasing evidence that he will lose the election on November 8, Trump has resorted to a familiar refrain favored by anti-democrats.  An election result is only acceptable if it validates one’s claim to […]

Michelle Obama’s classy act of resistance against bigotry

I have another good reason to visit Washington DC, a city I never seem to have enough of. The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), which was formally dedicated on September 24 by President Barack Obama, promises to be one of the best attractions among the Smithsonian Institution’s already impressive offerings. Whereas the […]

Legacy of a man of obscure birth and no connections

One of my favorite hymns is “Sweet Hour of Prayer”, a poem that is credited to William W. Walford, who wrote it in 1842, set to beautiful music by William B. Bradbury in 1861. It is a powerful reminder to the Christian to set aside a good amount of time for daily, personal and private […]

Beware of the dark world of the Internet

    Social media like Facebook and WhatsApp are valuable tools for communication of positive and constructive information. However, they are also dangerous forums through which cowards and small-minded people merchandise lies that they would not dare state face-to-face. Once posted on the Internet, outright fabrications and myths become quotable sources for the gullible. Some […]

Memories of England’s troublesome beauty

I write this aboard an Air Canada flight from London to Toronto, racing at 848 km per hour, 11 kilometers above sea level, with nothing particularly concentrating my mind. While I listen to Gabriela Montero’s gorgeous performance of Sergei Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18, I marvel at the genius of […]

Democracy: Promiscuous Mistress

  Democracy. The mere mention of this word can induce joy and hope, rage and violence. Like love, democracy is a word that is used and abused by good and bad folks alike, depending on one’s perspective. Last week, democracy and its contradictions were on full display in Britain. Free to choose their fate, the […]

Muhammad Ali’s greatness was outside the boxing ring

I hated boxing. I still do. Not even Muhammad Ali could turn me on to the controlled violence, blood and all, that passed for entertainment. Yes I watched some, Muhammad Ali included. Especially Muhammad Ali! How could I have avoided the spectacle and the entertainment that he so effortlessly dispensed? His pre-fight verbal intimidation of […]