Worrisome political trends in Africa’s Great Lakes Region

The state of politics in our great lakes region continues to show a worrisome trend. As Kenya celebrates 54 years of independence today, the legitimacy of its government is questioned and challenged by opposition party leaders and members. The results of the elections that returned President Uhuru Kenyatta to the State House were rejected by […]

East African Legislative Assembly: choose able and experienced Pan-Africanists

East African Community Flag

The mandate of the third East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) expires on June 4. A new class of representatives, nine from each partner state, most of them new, will  take their turn at shaping the region’s development agenda. One hopes that the respective national parliaments will send representatives who have the integrity, interest, ability and […]

Surgery and operating rooms- the journey continues

In the blog on Caesarean Section in Buganda in 1879, we reproduce the report of a surgical delivery of a baby that was witnessed by Robert William Felkin, a medical student who was serving as King Mutesa’s personal physician. The advances in human surgery that have taken place over the intervening 130 years represent the proverbial […]

Genealogy Database of East Africans

One of my frustrations is that I do not know much about my ancestry. In the absence of written records, we depend on oral tradition of “documenting” our story. This, of course, is fraught with errors and complete distortions, missing links and a very limited database. For example, I am fairly certain of only 11 […]