A love of books –

  I grew up in houses where books were everywhere. In my early teens, my father, a bibliophile, told me to read “everything.”  I took him literally.  My passion for reading gained momentum at King’s College, Budo, Uganda, where the Main Library was very well stocked with books, magazine and local and international newspapers. Besides […]

Under the Jacaranda – by Joy Odera

A great story about Serene, a modern woman that lives between Nairobi and Johannesburg. She recounts her present and recalls her past, effortlessly switching between the two periods. She reflects on her family, with its multiple challenges, including sibling tension and a secret half-sister. Joy Odera succeeds in telling a story that one immediately identifies […]

MOODY AWORI: An Autobiography – Riding on a Tiger

  This is a magisterial presentation of a man’s own story. Moody Awori, who served as Kenya’s Vice-President from 2003 t0 2009, bares all in this very well-written and detailed account of his triumphs and failures, pleasures and disappointments. A well-known businessman, Awori is also a philanthropist whose work to improve the conditions of prisoners […]

The Bitter Bread of Exile – by A.B.K. Kasozi

An excellent treatment of the tragic last years of Sir Edward Muteesa II, the former Kabaka of Buganda and First President of Uganda. Using original sources and personal interviews with people who were involved in the Kabaka’s escape in 1966 and his life in a London exile, Kasozi places the King’s sad end in the […]

the CATCHER in the RYE

  I first read this book in 1977 during my early days of exile. I was introduced to this classic book by Dr. John B. Masembe, my dear friend who was working at Nairobi Hospital. He had an exquisite taste for great literature and we spent many evenings chatting about Holden Caulfield, the central character […]

Clans and totems of Banyankore (Enganda n’Emiziro y’Abanyankore)

The Banyankore are grouped into at least 131 clans (enganda). However, these clans are grouped according to 4 (four) common roots (ebibunu or ebisintsi bina). These roots are: Abahinda (16 clans) Abagahe (43 clans) Abashambo (56 clans) Abaishikatwa (16 clans) Whereas the Bakiga and Banyankore have clans with similar names, they are not always the […]

Rajat Neogy: the man behind Transition Magazine

  Rajat Neogy, the founder and first editor of Transition Magazine, who was arrested in Kampala 50 years ago this week, would have turned 80 this year. His personal story has been overshadowed  by his remarkable work with his magazine. Except for the obituaries and memorials that were published in The New York Times, The […]

Why I have resigned from the Forum for Democratic Change

I have been greatly honoured to be an active member of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) since its inception thirteen years ago. During part of that period, I have served as a member of the National Executive Committee, the National Council, the National Delegates Conference and External Envoy to Canada. From the FDC leaders’ […]

Kigezi Education Fund: update 2018

The Kigezi Education Fund (KEF) is the flagship program of the International Community of Banyakigezi (ICOB). A key instrument for implementing ICOB’s mission, KEF supports vocational and technical training of young Banyakigyezi, especially graduates of primary and secondary schools, to enhance their employability in the region and to offer investors in Kigyezi a readily available […]

Tei Tei and the Ugandan Diaspora’s role in national development

One of the most enduring lessons I learnt in medical school was about the death of an African migrant worker in England. His name was Tei Tei, a Nigerian whose death more than 60 years ago was masterfully recorded by Professor Cedric Keith Simpson in “Forensic Medicine,” his outstanding textbook on the subject. Professor Simpson […]