the CATCHER in the RYE

  I first read this book in 1977 during my early days of exile. I was introduced to this classic book by Dr. John B. Masembe, my dear friend who was working at Nairobi Hospital. He had an exquisite taste for great literature and we spent many evenings chatting about Holden Caulfield, the central character […]

Clans and totems of Banyankore (Enganda n’Emiziro y’Abanyankore)

The Banyankore are grouped into at least 131 clans (enganda). However, these clans are grouped according to 4 (four) common roots (ebibunu or ebisintsi bina). These roots are: Abahinda (16 clans) Abagahe (43 clans) Abashambo (56 clans) Abaishikatwa (16 clans) Whereas the Bakiga and Banyankore have clans with similar names, they are not always the […]