Social status and justice in Uganda

I do not wish to litigate or interrogate the case of Herbert Kabafunzaki, a Ugandan MP who is accused of corruption, to which he has pleaded not guilty. It is a matter for the courts to settle and it is not the purpose of this post. My interest is in social status and justice in Uganda. I am […]

Success of Uganda’s new districts depends on you and me

The anticipated birth of Uganda’s latest districts on July 1, 2017 triggers different emotions in different people. Some are hopeful. Others are despondent. Some are anxious. Others are confident. Some have a mixture of these emotions. A few are so opposed to the idea of mini-districts that they do not engage in discussions about how […]

Five African Airlines among the World’s Top 100 in Skytrax 2017 Survey

The results of the 2017 Skytrax survey of air travellers have ranked 5 African Airlines among the World’s Top 100. The top African airlines are: Ethiopian Airways – Ranked 48/100 South African Airways – Ranked 49/100 Air Mauritius – Ranked 77/100 Air Seychelles – Ranked 80/100 Kenya Airways – Ranked 91/100 The world’s top 10 airlines […]

Lift the age limit

Uganda’s educated youth are restless. They want to inherit power and responsibility now. Many see anyone above 60 years of age (some say 50 years) to be too old and too tired to be entrusted with what they consider to be “their” future. One understands their restlessness. In a society where being employed by the […]

Rukiga District needs a small and efficient government

There is divided opinion about the purpose and consequences of the unprecedented speed at which Uganda has been curved into smaller and smaller districts since independence. From 15 districts in 1962, Uganda now has 117, with 5 more to be born on July 1 this year. By July 1, 2019, Uganda will have 135 districts. […]

Reconditioned politicians and democratic feudalism

They are back! Yes, Hillary and Joe, as in Clinton and Biden, some of the permanent fixtures in American presidential politics, are back on the campaign trail. Early days, of course, but Hillary – First Lady of the USA, former Senator from New York and presidential candidate in 2008 and 2016 – has launched a […]