East African Legislative Assembly: choose able and experienced Pan-Africanists

East African Community Flag

The mandate of the third East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) expires on June 4. A new class of representatives, nine from each partner state, most of them new, will  take their turn at shaping the region’s development agenda. One hopes that the respective national parliaments will send representatives who have the integrity, interest, ability and […]

Birthday toast to Robert Gabriel Mugabe at 93

Happy birthday Mr. President! Your birth on February 21, 1924 in Kutama, Rhodesia was a blessed event for your people.   We thank you for serving your country, both in the struggle for freedom and as the prime minister, then president of independent Zimbabwe. As a young lad, I was a great admirer of yours […]

Trump bursting myth of “white” supremacy

  God has a great sense of humor. In 2001, He gives America George W. Bush as its 43rd president. After eight years of the Texan’s failed leadership, God turns the country over to Barack Hussein Obama, a bright African American son of a Kenyan man.   Obama leads America out of a very deep recession, ends […]

Yes, honor Dr. Margaret Mungherera in Parliament

Of the many beautiful tributes and eulogies last week in memory of the late Dr. Margaret Mungherera, I was especially struck by what was said by two key figures in Uganda’s ruling establishment. Former Vice-President Specioza Wandira-Kazibwe wanted Margaret’s body in parliament. After all she was a national hero, Specioza rightly observed.  Prime Minister Ruhakana […]

Dr. Margaret Mungherera lived for a cause

Dr. Margaret Mungherera, dead at 59. Hard to write that. Last time I met her, Margaret was so full of life, so full of that energy that always uplifted us even when things appeared dark. She came to us, like a bright meteorite in the dark African sky, here but a moment, an impact event, […]