Transformative education powers prosperity

Fifty years ago this week, we completed Junior High School and entered history books as the last group to take the national juniour secondary school leaving examinations. In my day, there were six years of primary school and two years of junior high school. That ended in 1966, replaced by a new system of seven […]

Give evicted Kampala street vendors a soft landing

Give evicted Kampala street vendors a soft landing I salute Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) leaders for firing four of their officers who tortured a woman and her two little children earlier this month. The four officers, now identified as Florence Nakiwala, Eva Nalukenge, Rogers Maganda and Fred Kabito, inflicted unbelievably gruesome violence on Ms. […]

Chris Mwesigye Bishaka: a refreshingly independent thinker

Chris Mwesigye Bishaka is a Real Estate Developer in Ibanda, Nkore, Uganda. Born in Bubaare, Ibanda on August 16, 1958, Chris studied at Ibanda Boys’ Primary School (1964-70), Ntare School (1971-76) and Makerere University (1977-80), where graduated with a BA (Political Science.) He served as a secondary school teacher (1980-84) before joining Uganda Railways Corporation […]

Trump thriller is about to begin

 I got it completely wrong. It is no consolation that I was not alone in believing that America would not choose one of its least qualified citizens to become their president. Clearly my view was clouded by a belief that the vast majority of Americans would reject a candidate whose signature tune was torrential lying, […]

Dr. Michael Liri Amone Abongomera (1951-2016)

It is with deep shock and sadness that I have learnt of the premature death of my medical school classmate and colleague, Dr. Michael Liri Amone Abongomera MBCHB, DPH, MBA, on Monday November 7, 2016. The circumstances that led to his death are truly horrifying. According to Mr. Vensar, a former Assistant Commissioner at the […]

Choices: Stand up for human rights or abet torture with silence

A Facebook friend, posted a video recording last week of a very dangerous and chaotic scene where people wearing yellow tops, presumably Kampala Capital City Authority (KKCA) officers, together with other armed people in police uniforms, and others in plain clothes, very roughly manhandle a woman with a baby strapped to her body. The captors […]

Dexter Gordon’s Timeless Tenor Saxophone

Dexter Keith Gordon (February 27, 1923 – April 25, 1990) was a giant in the literal and professional sense. At 198 cm (6 feet 6 inch) tall, Mr. Gordon towered over nearly all the people he played with. Photos and videos of him in the various clubs that he played show a giant of a […]

Lou Donaldson at 90, still playing on

Lou Donaldson, the alto saxophonist who turned 90 on November 1, 2016, is the last living and performing member of the cohort of great Jazz musicians who recorded timeless music over 60 years ago. Born in Badin, North Carolina on November 1, 1926, Mr. Donaldson was attracted to bebop Jazz during the Second World War […]