The African is corrupt through and through, Mr. Green?

Corruption in Uganda has evolved unique traditions, including a class system that apportions how much the members can fleece the victims. The three classes of the corrupt – the commoners, the aristocrats and the royals – enjoy a symbiotic relationship and protect each other’s interests from the nosy folks who are forever trying to expose […]

The African and the Tall Poppy Syndrome

African culture is endowed with many positive qualities that one hopes will survive the powerful influence of American culture as it steadily conquers the world. African social interactions, especially our love of neighbour and our respect for the elders, are but a few of these humanistic cultures that we must protect and promote on the […]

In praise of Nkuba Kyeyo

Many Ugandans despise us. We are the Nkuba Kyeyo, a Luganda phrase that literally means: “I am a sweeper”, as in sweeping the streets and other facilities in foreign lands. It is used as a derogatory term for the Ugandan Diaspora, rooted in a culture that despises manual labor. The Kampala newspapers refer to the […]

Africa’s National Anthems Betrayed

One of the enduring creations that were bequeathed to us by Africa’s independence leaders was a plethora of glorious national anthems. As each country lowered its colonial flag, the new flag soared towards the blue sky and the uniformed service band struck a new anthem that called upon the citizens to renew their patriotism and […]