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Uganda, one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, has great human and other exploitable resources to afford its people reason for optimism for brighter days ahead. Its national parks, mountain ranges, multi-ethnic population and historic sites offer great returns to the most discriminating tourist. However, Uganda was arguably the most hapharzadly put together colony, creating a challenged story of attempts at creating a cohesive nation out of a difficult jigsaw puzzle. Nearly 60 years after political independence from Britain, the country remains one of the most complex post-colonial constructs, still struggling with its its identity and its governance. There is plenty to chat about by the Fireplace.

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Kigyezi is a mountainous triangular wedge in the South-West corner of Uganda. Covering only 2.2 per cent of Uganda, Kigyezi is the country’s most beautiful region. Endowed with rolling terraced hills and mountains, fresh water lakes, extinct volcanoes (Muhabura, Sabinyo, Mugahinga), Kigyezi is a visual replica of neighbouring Rwanda. Bwindi National Park, with its world-famous Mountain Gorillas, and the southern end of Rwenzori (Queen Elizabeth) National Park, with its tree-climbing lions, are located in Kigyezi. It has been said that Kigyezi is the Switzerland of Africa. Kigyezi is a multi-ethnic community (Abafumbira, Abahororo, Abakiga, Abanyarwanda and Abatwa) with a rich history, traditions and languages that we seek to share, promote and preserve at this Fireplace.

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  • Mugahinga B&W
  • Misty Valley - Rubanda
  • Mist over the north end of Lake Bunyonyi
  • Land of mist - Rubanda
  • Sabyinyo-5
  • Muhabura, Mugahinga, Sabyinyo
  • Muhabura, Mugahinga, Sabyinyo
  • Crested cranes in Gisoro, Kigyezi
  • Crested cranes in Gisoro, Kigyezi-3
  • Crested cranes in Gisoro, Kigyezi-2
  • Toronto sunrise with Moon # 2
  • House Kigyezi
  • Bugarukaine Nyangayoona_
  • Muhabura
  • Joy Tugumisirize
  • Kakonge
  • Rutendakubingwa & Denise_-4
  • Rutendakubingwa & Denise_-2
  • Ndugu
  • Munywani_
  • Komuhangyi
  • Kabasigyi
  • Friend
  • Friend-2
  • Beyongyera
  • Ariyo Bikangaga
  • Rhoda Kalema
  • Mugisha Muntu
  • Pam-5
  • Pam-4
  • Mbaguta House
  • Mbaguta House_
  • Mbaguta House 2
  • Mbaguta House  Front
  • Mbaguta House  Front door hardware
  • Mbaguta House  Front door hardware - close up
  • Mbaguta House  BW- By Muniini K.. Mulera
  • Mbaguta House  back BW- By Muniini K.. Mulera
  • Mbaguta House  - By Muniini K.. Mulera
  • Yacht
  • Ship
  • Seaplanes
  • Near Whistler, BC
  • Mountains
  • Mountain_
  • Mountain - Kigyezi-like
  • Abazini
  • Abazini-6
  • Abazini-5
  • Abazini-4
  • Abazini-3
  • Abazini-2
  • Abazini-2 3
  • Abazini-2 2
  • Wild flower
  • Nkuranga and Ruhinda graves
  • Mugaba
  • Mugaba Gate
  • Mugaba 5
  • Mugaba 4
  • Mugaba 3
  • Mugaba 2
  • Egashani at Nkonkonjeru
  • Brickmaking
  • First Anglican Church in Nkore at Kamukuzi, Mburara
  • Anglican Church, Kamukuzi-2
  • Rwenjura
  • Rwenjura  the best_
  • Hippo-Kazinga-Chanel-Rwenzori-National-Park-Uganda-1

My Kind of Books and Music

It is not just a passion. It is living.

Dr. Mulera - Colour Bar

“Colour Bar” Novel by Susan Williams

Seretse was a brown-skinned Motswana prince and Ruth a pink-skinned English commoner, united in one of the greatest love stories of the last century. Battered by ancient traditions in their respective countries, as well as deep and overt racism in the United Kingdom and South Africa, the young lovers triumphed against the storms to become Botswana's first post-independence First Couple.

This masterfully researched and written account by Suzan Williams is one I have read twice and will likely read again. Sir Seretse Khama was the most genuine democrat to serve as president of an African country before Nelson Mandela. This book helps explain the man and his distinguished leadership of Botswana.

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Dr. Mulera - Shades of Redd

"Shades of Redd" Album by Freddie Redd

This is, perhaps, the best of Freddie Redd's rather small discography. His piano playing is masterful and sweet. With first rate playing by his sidemen, it is a classic Blue Note date that should please bop aficionados.

Recorded on August 13, 1960 and released in May 1961, this is one of the finest illustrations of the Blue Note sound and music that remains a high point in the story of recorded Jazz music. Indispensable Jazz.

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