The debate is settled. The Party President of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) will appoint the Leader of the Official Opposition in Parliament (LOP.)   Since Wafula Oguttu, the LOP in the 9th Parliament, lost his seat in the February 18 exercise, we expect a new person in that role.

Steady leader: Mugisha Muntu, President of the Forum for Democratic Change, Uganda.

The debate has raised serious questions about the Constitution of Uganda. What happens when you have a presidential-parliamentary system such as we do?  A future parliament and president that cares about good, effective and crisis-free governance  should amend the Constitution to remove the Executive from the Legislature, in true American Style. We adopted the American and British model without due attention to this tricky scenario.

A situation where the government of the country controls the minority of seats in parliament would be potentially disastrous.  The majority party would be opposed to the Executive branch, and would probably paralyze the government by defeating all Bills except one: Increasing the salaries and benefits of Members of Parliament. We can count on unanimity on that one.


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