Lake Bunyonyi, Kigezi. The Sun kisses her good night on the evening of January 9, 2017. What words can express the visual experience? How does one convey the sense of peace and calm?

Lake Bunyonyi, this 25 km long lake, with a perimeter length of 64 km, is Africa’s second deepest lake. It has 29 islands, including the notorious little one with a lone tree, the spot where girls who became pregnant out of wedlock were left to die. (Many were “rescued” by wife-hunters.) Thankfully the practice was abandoned decades ago.

Located just 10 km from Kabale Town, this is one place we never tire of visiting. The lakeside has great hotels and resorts to choose from. Better still, there are lovely spots that would be the perfect location for a cottage or retirement home.

From the south side of the lake, one often gets a marvellous view of Mount Muhabura, the inactive volcano that straddles the Kigezi-Rwanda border.

The locals tell great stories about the lake. One story with profound lessons is that Bunyonyi hates alcohol. She has swallowed many who have attempted to cross her after excessive consumption of booze.


3 Responses to “Sun kisses Lake Bunyonyi goodnight”

  1. That’s such a beautiful picture of one of Kigezi’S great treasures.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. James Tugume Magabo

    Dr Muniini

    The Sun Kisses Lake Bunyonyi Good Night !!

    What a magnificent photo ! Do you mind kindly giving me a copy and the ones you took at Kabale White Horse Inn , at the ICOB CONVENTION AND at the Residence of our Great Headmaster, Ezrah Rwendeire. We missed meeting Professor Dr Rev Manuel Muranga , to take a photo with him !! You recall he beat us to First Position in our 1964 Primary Leaving Examination ! You were the Second and Gershom Byamugisha and James Tugume Magabo were joint Third !!

    Such a photo would be history making too !!!


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