Be humble friends, be humble!

Live and please let live

Serve with good heart, my friends

The alternative is never worth it.


I honour them, these three men

Not ’cause I agreed with all

They said and did in Kenya

But ’cause they served with vigour

Ev’n when the train derailed.


I recall their battles for power

I remember Kenya, my Kenya

When each one walked on water

And wrestled down the lions

To claim the throne of Jomo.


The Change the Constitution

Movement against one Moi

Was nipped in the bud

And changed the fate of Kenya

With language so poetic.


Njonjo to the rescue!

β€œIt is a criminal offence

For anyone to encompass

Imagine, devise, intend

The death or deposition

Of the President of the Land.”


The thought that Mzee Jomo

Was mortal like all flesh

Was punishable by death

Of him that harboured such.


When the moment came

And Kenya lost its eyes

Mwai, Mugane and Moi

Were firmly in control.


Nyayo lost no time

A king must rule alone

Thank you for your work

Kingmaker must be tamed


They turned the guns on Charles

The son of Josiah Njonjo

He wanted power himself

A crime he had created

When others wanted the same.


Then Daniel arap Moi

The great professor of politics

Dispatched his friend from Nyeri

With ease that shocked the people.


Kibaki son of Githinji

From the womb of Lady Wanjiku

The youngest of the three

Knew time was on his side.


Unlike Sir Charles the Great

No threat to Moi, he thought

Kibaki became the voice

The centre of dissent.


To power he rose at last

Succeeding arap Moi

Forgiving all the pain

Betrayal not to blame

T’was Kenya’s greatest game.


They’re now together again

In the late evening of life

Their battles of the past

Flicker in cloudy memory.


To have them sit together!

Record their triumphs and failures

And listen to them reveal

The secrets so deeply buried!


So many dead and buried

Forever silent witness

To crimes of greed and power

Liberators turned destroyers.


Our hope that still remains

Invested in these three men

They saw it all and more

Their ears heard it all.


Don’t go, please just don’t go

Without a wink and nod

To questions unanswered still

About my friend who died

His name Pio Gama Pinto.


Who killed my friend that day

February twenty fifth

The year of sixty five

The day that Kenya died.


I knew him not, of course

My father wept like child

And I along with him

Forever tied to Pinto

Great martyr of the age.


Much honour and praise to you

For now is not the time

To break with my tradition

Of respect for age and stature

By right is yours my elders.


The lesson I have learned

From you most honoured men

Be humble, please, be humble

Time is not your friend!


Emilio Mwai Kibaki, Minister of Finance & Economic Planning 1969-1978; Vice President of Kenya 1978-1988
President Emilio Mwai Kibaki of Kenya (2002-2013)


Charles Mugane Njonjo, Attorney General of Kenya 1963-78
Charles Mugane Njonjo, Minister of Constitutional Affairs 1980-83


Daniel Toroitich arap Moi, Vice President of Kenya 1967-78
Daniel Toroitich arap Moi, President of Kenya 1978-2002



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