Here are examples of  three millet bread baskets from my part of the world (Rwanda and Kigezi).  They come in different sizes, shapes and decorations.  Please tell me about the baskets and other dinnerware  you use in your part of the world for serving millet bread. What stories can you share about these revered containers of oburo (millet bread?)



Akeebo - kinyarwanda-2
Akeebo k’uburo (Rwanda)


Akeibo nari Ekiibo k’yoburo (Kigezi) Endiiro (Nkore)


Endiiro - black & white
Akeibo/Ekiibo/Endiiro (Kigezi-Nkore)


The Acholi people of Northern Uganda call  millet bread  Kwon Kal or Kwon Bel. They serve it in a small basket called   Adita.    I think this is an Adita. (I need confirmation by my Acholi brothers and sisters.)

Endiiro- Acholi version
Adita (Acholi)



The utensils below are used for other gravy-free, non-leaky foods.

Entemere No. 2
Entemere (Kigezi, Nkore)


Orugari (Kigezi, Nkore)




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