My hoe is all I have

By Muniini K. Mulera

I watch my king and president

Toast his guests resplendent

In garb that fits the best

Who rule over the rest


They wine and dine and toast

Unbothered at all by cost

Of life beyond our dreams

Reserved for royals it seems


I can’t but think, my Lord,

Of children sick in wards

Who cry and hope for drugs

To save them from their bugs


It’s change to you in your station

That paid for your coronation

It’s life to me, I say

The price that I must pay


Royals enjoy and cheer up

With wine and wool from Europe

To help them build our land

With pride and wealth they stand


Whose land is it my Lord?

The wretched who can’t afford

To dream of life tomorrow

Who pain is all they know?


Or royals whose lives surpass

The measure of the brass

Who rule the worlds beyond

Whose guns of which you’re fond?


No power, the electric kind

Schools that boggle the mind

Our people endure regress

But sing of steady progress


Scare me with jets above

But give a morsel of love

To wretched souls you rule

From high on Golden Stool


Spare me the gas of tears

Give me the gas that clears

Sick lungs and hearts of man

As seen on working scan


One thing I have in spades

Is freedom without those aides

Whose guns and clubs protect you

In poverty we fear no coup


The throne is yours I know

My fate on thee bestow

Just throw the remains my way

Of feast on which you play


Good luck my Lord and King

To us all you can bring

And all we know is coming

Is pain from all the caning


My hoe is all I have

And hope my cow will calve

My life you can’t perceive

Ev’n though you can deceive


We’ve seen all this before

With kings who hogged the floor

Misrule displayed in starkness

Till carted off to darkness.


Watch Museveni Pre-Coronation Dinner here


President Yoweri Museveni & Mrs Janet Museveni Inauguration Number 6 on May 12, 2016
Uganda Airforce Jets $1 billion – and counting


Orphaned Child with Kwashiorkor, Kigezi, Uganda 2012


Kwashiorkor Kisiizi Hospital
Lucky child recovering from Kwashiorkor in a hospital in Kigezi, Uganda
Soil with Hoe gardening tool
Survival tool for majority of Ugandans, 2016




5 Responses to “My hoe is all I have”

  1. Catherine Kanabahita

    Awesome! What a befitting tribute to our King!

  2. Jane Kavuma

    You have no guns but you have your brains and the simple pen. Thrilled that you are using them at the’frontline’-by becoming the voice of the voiceless. Keep documenting things as they happen rather than remain silent.


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