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Dear friends,

We invite original essays on any subject  from or about East Africa. This can be a personal story, or about a person, people or situations or other subject that you feel would be of public interest. Your essay, posted at, will be read by web-visitors around the world.

We do not engage in censorship except in cases where the submitted material is of a pornographic nature, is abusive to other people, has the potential to incite violence, is solely intended to advertise goods or services or is obviously plagiarized from elsewhere.

We promote vigorous debate of ideas, and strongly discourage personal attacks. We insist on facts and discourage innuendo. We have a strong bias towards balanced commentary and other essays that advance East Africa’s development. Constructive criticism of East African governance and economies is highly encouraged.​

We strongly encourage you to write in traditional English, using full words and sentences, mindful of correct spelling and grammar. You may write in any language on condition that you translate the full text into English.

Welcome aboard! Simply log-on to and sign up and you are set. Please note that you  retain full copyright of your submitted articles.   Remember to browse where new posts are uploaded daily.

Kind regards,

Muniini K. Mulera


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