Our thoughts and prayers

For the people of Turku and all of Finland

At this time of terror in your midst.

At moments like this,

We sing your great song with you.


Penned for you by Jean Sibelius,

And embraced by all of us,

A song of freedom

That we sing for Africa and all the lands of the world,

For Finland, the beautiful land of peace.



(Lyrics to Finlandia as translated from Finnish by Keith Bosley)

Finland, behold, thy daylight now is dawning,

the threat of night has now been driven away.

The skylark calls across the light of morning,

the blue of heaven lets it have its way,

and now the day the powers of night is scorning:

thy daylight dawns, O Finland of ours!


Finland, arise, and raise towards the highest

thy head now crowned with mighty memory.

Finland, arise, for to the world thou criest

that thou hast thrown off thy slavery,

beneath oppression’s yoke thou never liest.

Thy morning’s come, O Finland of ours!



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