Her name was Seforooza muhara wa Ruraara rwa Mikaro-Rugwisa rwa Bugashu bwa Rushwiga rwa Nyamiyonga ya Rwego rwa Birondoorwa bya Kazooba ka Nzira ya Kasigyi ka Kahanya ka Kataashe ka Minyaruko ya Nyamicence. Her clan was Omusigi w’Omuzooba.

Born 92+ years ago at Rutooma in the Greater Mparo Area (GMA) in Kigezi, Uganda, she was a walking library that freely shared great information and insights that helped shape my worldview. Loving, full of laughter and a sharp wit – these are some of the memories I have of many days spent in her company in my childhood and early adulthood.

Her library doors are now closed shut for good. She died on Easter Sunday April 16, 2017. The sadness is natural, but it is exceeded by joyful thanksgiving for a long life of great dignity and service to others.

Thinking of you Margaret, Joy, Charles, Joyce, George, John and TK.  Thank you Seforooza for loving our family. Farewell Tatenkazi! Rest in peace among our ancestors.



3 Responses to “Farewell Seforooza muhara wa Ruraara rwa Mikaro-Rugwisa”

  1. George Bhima

    Did anyone document the stories she told? We are defined by our propensity for constructing narratives some of which pass down the generations. Human memories, being prone to embellishment, are protected against the ravages of time when they are recorded contemporaneously. Incidentally that portrait of the old lady is wonderful. Her bright eyes, framed by many lines, are windows to a mind that was still quite active.

  2. ken mulera

    I met Busingye at London Victoria yesterday on her way to Brussels, only to learn that beloved Auntie Seforoza has gone to rest. Saddened that I am far away and had not seen her in a longtime. She will rest in eternal peace and joy but her true love, and unselfishness as Joy has put it, will stay a light during the night and a shelter during the day, whether hot or cold. She joins other angels and saints. We thank God for all her life, and especially taking care of Uncle P. Mbire when he was very small and they had lost their mum. Farewell Auntie Seforoza.


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