Ugandan MPs and their demand for VIP funerals

  Ugandan MPs continue to shock us with their shamefully unquenchable thirst for public cash. In a country where 67 per cent of the population is “vulnerable to poverty”, the legislators are awarding themselves nearly Sh. 68 million ($20,000) each to pay for their funerals. The peasant is expected to pay for this luxury of […]

Are Ugandan MPs’ junkets to Diaspora gatherings worth the taxpayer’s money?

A very large delegation of Ugandan MPs and other government officials spent this past weekend attending the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.  The speaker of parliament and her deputy were the leaders of the delegation. Another group, including the leader of the opposition in parliament and the mayor of Kampala was […]

Break the chains of dependency: Tusaba Gavumenti Tweyambe

Tusaba Gavumenti Etuyambe is a cynical take on the pervasive culture of dependency, entitlement and unlimited power of the state.  It speaks of a symbiotic parasitic marriage between ruler and subject. The government is the giver of everything. The citizen is the passive beneficiary.  The government belongs to a small group with weapons. The citizen […]

Beware of the dark world of the Internet

    Social media like Facebook and WhatsApp are valuable tools for communication of positive and constructive information. However, they are also dangerous forums through which cowards and small-minded people merchandise lies that they would not dare state face-to-face. Once posted on the Internet, outright fabrications and myths become quotable sources for the gullible. Some […]

Time to get tough on all Ugandan road users

The escalating carnage on Uganda’s highways has left many people declaring that the roads “are finishing us!” The Kampala-Gulu Highway’s premiere position as the most dangerous appears to have been assumed by the Kampala-Kabale route. In fact the apparent rise in fatalities may be a function of “being in the news” rather than a significant […]

Caesarean section in Buganda in 1879

FROM THE TINGASIGA ARCHIVES: February 1, 1999 Dear Tingasiga: The last palace of Kabaka Mutesa I at Kasubi-Nabulagala, is perhaps the most visible evidence of the grandeur and sophistication of late nineteenth century Buganda. The visitor who beholds the architectural marvels of Muzibu-azaala-mpanga, Mutesa’s main residence at Kasubi-Nabulagala which is now a mausoleum for the […]

Photoessay of Traditional woven dinnerware

Here are examples of  three millet bread baskets from my part of the world (Rwanda and Kigezi).  They come in different sizes, shapes and decorations.  Please tell me about the baskets and other dinnerware  you use in your part of the world for serving millet bread. What stories can you share about these revered containers of oburo […]

Ugandans for Peace must insist on non-violence

The news of the multiple murders of people in the military barracks at Makindye, Kampala, has left me deeply saddened. While the circumstances of the killings remain to be fully explained, the irreversibility of the deaths is a dark certainty that concentrates our minds on the ugliness of violence that has troubled our country for […]