Poor roads stunt Kigezi’s development

I am in Kigezi, enjoying the warmth and hospitality of Banyakigezi, renewing old friendships, catching up on developments in the lives of relatives and taking in the breathtaking beauty of this blessed land. For the most part, nearly every experience fills me with joy. Not even the evident economic challenges dampen my spirits. Without doubt, […]

My first pair of shoes

My wife and I once shared an apartment with a Ugandan friend. Born and raised in Kampala, Nakalema (not her real name) was incredulous when, at a dinner conversation, I casually mentioned that I did not wear shoes in primary school. “Olimba! (You are lying),” she exclaimed. “They allowed you to attend school without shoes?” […]

Herbert “Kabwondera” Bakesigaki: master of Enanga (African zither)

We remember you Herbert “Kabwondera” Bakesigaki. We celebrate your talent, your sound, your poetry, your contribution to the preservation of musical tradition of the Bakiga. Though you died young, you left a great legacy. We thank you for making the ICOB conventions you attended memorable. Now we seek and hope to find and listen to […]

Agaba’s death and the dark spirit in the land

The death of George Ninsiima Agaba in a horrific motor accident on Saturday was a terrible tragedy for two reasons. First the loss of life, especially of a young person, is always heart breaking for the family, friends and the community. A life cut so soon deprives the deceased of the opportunity to enjoy his […]

Transformative education powers prosperity

Fifty years ago this week, we completed Junior High School and entered history books as the last group to take the national juniour secondary school leaving examinations. In my day, there were six years of primary school and two years of junior high school. That ended in 1966, replaced by a new system of seven […]

Give evicted Kampala street vendors a soft landing

Give evicted Kampala street vendors a soft landing I salute Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) leaders for firing four of their officers who tortured a woman and her two little children earlier this month. The four officers, now identified as Florence Nakiwala, Eva Nalukenge, Rogers Maganda and Fred Kabito, inflicted unbelievably gruesome violence on Ms. […]

Dr. Michael Liri Amone Abongomera (1951-2016)

It is with deep shock and sadness that I have learnt of the premature death of my medical school classmate and colleague, Dr. Michael Liri Amone Abongomera MBCHB, DPH, MBA, on Monday November 7, 2016. The circumstances that led to his death are truly horrifying. According to Mr. Vensar, a former Assistant Commissioner at the […]

Choices: Stand up for human rights or abet torture with silence

A Facebook friend, posted a video recording last week of a very dangerous and chaotic scene where people wearing yellow tops, presumably Kampala Capital City Authority (KKCA) officers, together with other armed people in police uniforms, and others in plain clothes, very roughly manhandle a woman with a baby strapped to her body. The captors […]

Memories of a great city before Kampalitis struck

I first set foot in Kampala 50 years ago. An indelible image of early 1966 Kampala is that of what looked like a very tall tree atop a hill, with many red lights, rising towards heaven, with an ominous presence at night, at once frightening and attractive. It was the Uganda Television mast, rising out of […]

Jinja triplet deaths compounded by news media distortions

It appears that the Monitor report that triplets died last week because the mother had been refused admission to Jinja Regional Referral Hospital was a distortion of the facts. To be sure, I was angry when I read that the staff had refused to admit Ms. Monicah Wokobeire, the triplets’ mother, because they were preparing […]