Ugandans for Peace must insist on non-violence

The news of the multiple murders of people in the military barracks at Makindye, Kampala, has left me deeply saddened. While the circumstances of the killings remain to be fully explained, the irreversibility of the deaths is a dark certainty that concentrates our minds on the ugliness of violence that has troubled our country for […]

Scrap academic requirements for MPs and other leaders

Academic qualifications are overrated as a measure of ability in political leadership. It was my stated view during the Constitution debates in 1994/95 that no citizen should be denied the right to seek any office simply because of arbitrary academic requirements. I continue to disagree with Articles in the Uganda Constitution that require possession of […]

Leaders should put Kigezi first, self last

Written in  January 2013 I have spent the last week in Kigezi, the one place I am happier than anywhere else on Earth.  The thick morning mist that gives way to glorious sunshine invariably triggers memories of a happy childhood spent exploring the mountains and valleys of Bushengyera, the southern part of Kigezi. Not even […]

Muhammad Ali’s greatness was outside the boxing ring

I hated boxing. I still do. Not even Muhammad Ali could turn me on to the controlled violence, blood and all, that passed for entertainment. Yes I watched some, Muhammad Ali included. Especially Muhammad Ali! How could I have avoided the spectacle and the entertainment that he so effortlessly dispensed? His pre-fight verbal intimidation of […]

Uganda Cabinet Ministers on June 6, 2016

The following list of cabinet minister nominees is doing the rounds. It may or may not be correct. Cabinet List Published in The Monitor Newspaper on June 6, 2016 As of 21:00 hours (East African Standard Time), the Official Cabinet Ministers list on the State House Website is entirely different. Official Cabinet List (State House […]

Uganda: State of the Nation 2016

President Yoweri K. Museveni of Uganda delivered the State of the Nation Address on Tuesday May 31, 2016. Here is the president’s full speech: Uganda State of the Nation 2016      

Meaningful patriotism through community volunteerism

In the months leading up to my brother’s wedding in 1992, very many of his friends and work associates offered him substantial amounts of money in support of his budget. Though he had not planned to hold a kasiki (bachelor’s prenuptial party), his friends insisted on fully funding one. Several parties followed the wedding, all […]